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10:00 AM: Siege Class

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM:
Field Trip to Marquette University’s Raynor Library
(Limited to 25 Participants) – Contact Mistress Mysie

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM: Period Oven for Bread

Dusk: Bardic


9:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Border Skirmish Cook-off
Calling all cooks and bakers! We will be having a communal period oven Friday night for baking bread and The GREAT Border Skirmish cookoff Saturday morning from 9:30-12:30. The cookoff will have a “signature challenge” and a “technical challenge” over a fire. Rules will be similar to the t.v. Great British Bakeoff as you will know your recipe in advance for the “signature challenge” and will have “some” of the recipe for the technical challenge (and you will need to use your skills to fine tune the recipe). Prize will be a period earthenware skillet

12:30 PM – 2:30 PM: Daytime Bardic Circle. This is a more family-friendly circle, and also great for those who are day-tripping or who are newer to Bardic Circles. Looking for entertainment during lunch? We’d love to have you!

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM: Performance 101 Class. An important component of the Bardic Arts, and other performing arts is the skill of performance itself. This is a participatory class with creative exercises for projection, presence, body language, annunciation, building atmosphere, character, and other performance techniques.

Dusk: Bardic

Saturday Afternoon (~4:00 PM): Helga Ball

To Play:

Field size: 25 yards by 25 yards. The four corners will be marked.
Time: Two periods –each 10-15 minutes.
Ball: Three cabbages – cabbages must be compact and aged. Not frozen
Referees: One from each team to make decisions related to scoring and rules of the game. Referees can put players in the penalty box for any length of time.

• Organize a team of 5-10 women (having substitutions is a good thing). To play, 5-6 people on the field from each team at a time.
• Four members of the Chivalry (or squires) must serve as Goalposts. Two on each side of the field.
• Each player must be over 18 years old to play.
• Points are scored by getting a cabbage through/past your opponent’s goalposts. Game ends when a team scores 10 points.
• All players must wear a dress. (Viking garb is encouraged but not required). Please have some sort of under clothing (bloomers) under your dress.
• CLOSED TOE shoes and/or boots required.
• Keep jewelry to a minimum.
• Soft knee pads are recommended but not required.
• Helga can be a rough game and is not recommended for people with back or knee problems.
• Spectators are encouraged to cheer for the teams!

Rules of play:
• The start of the game is with a kickoff from the center line.
• A kickoff at the center of the field after each score.
• Players may kick or dribble (with your feet) the cabbage, but you may NOT touch the touch with their hands or use hands to pick up the cabbage.
• Players may scoop the cabbage up in a skirt, apron, or do-rag, and move the cabbage on the field.
• Tackling is not allowed, however “hugs” are legal. Group hugs are allowed.
• Holds will be called if the cabbage is out of sight of the referee or more than 10 seconds, anytime the cabbage touches a player’s hand, or the cabbage is held stationary by one or more players for more than 10 seconds. Play shall then be restarted by rolling the cabbage into play from the sidelines.
• Passing is allowed by kicking the cabbage to another player or throwing the cabbage from a skirt, apron, or do-rag into another team mates skirt, apron, or do-rag (without using your hands on the cabbage).
• Goalposts can be moved along the edge of the field by players. They must keep be at least 2 arms lengths apart. Goalposts can be bribed – keep it clean!
• Goalposts shall signal a “score” by raising one arm and yelling “Olga Ball” or “Helga Ball” to identify the scoring team.
• Rules can be changed or added at any time if approved by the Referees.

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